QuotEd Reading Comprehension was created for people who either seek perfect scores or need to seriously improve. Since reading comprehension is the hardest skill for most tutors and test-takers to strengthen, QuotEd makes the ideal companion to your independent, tutorial, or classroom study. And, unlike most test prep products, we won’t bore (or boor, or boar) you to death. Though, we might turn you into a reading beast.

QuotEd Reading Comprehension is the top reading comprehension app recommended by tutors, including the elite ones who charge hundreds of dollars an hour. QuotEd has been downloaded in over 50 countries, reached the top 200 in five of them, and used by thousands of successful test-takers worldwide in just one year since its national release.

You can use QuotEd for light, daily prep if you have a year or two to prepare. Or, you can employ QuotEd as your ready-at-hand jetpack if you need to blast through some serious study in just a few weeks or days.

With QuotEd’s vast library of quotations, you’ll not only improve your reading comprehension; you’ll also become a wicked smart, testing animal who can quote intellectuals from Sappho to Sigmund Freud (but only when you need to). Perhaps you’ll be like one of QuotEd’s users who scored a perfect 800 twice in a row on her SAT critical reading section. When people ask you how you scored so well, you can reply as casually as she did, “QuotEd.”

Whether you need substantial improvement or minor polishing, QuotEd will be your straightforward, pocket companion to better test scores.

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