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If you want higher test scores in less time, QuotEd ACT Science is your pocket ace. QuotEd’s users improve an average of 3 points on their ACT Science section!

QuotEd ACT Science was developed after analyzing over 1,200 real ACT Science questions. QuotEd has produced multiple perfect ACT Science section scores since the app’s launch. More importantly, our users consistently see higher scores – students with scores in the teens or low twenties have even seen jumps as high as 10 points!

Our practice passages come from science journals, published articles, and minds of our (not-yet-evil) genius writers. Then we carefully craft our questions to mirror the thought process that seems to guide the ACT’s writers (we won’t comment on whether they are evil…). From there, we give you simple explanations of how the ACT expects you to connect the passages to the questions.

Even more important than the massive amount of practice questions we give you are the ACT Science strategy sections. We guide you through every foundational scenario the ACT presents so that you can rock the section that every student and even most tutors fear. QuotEd ACT Science’s strategies will give you the upper hand while you take on the ACT.

Improve your scores faster, cheaper, and easier. Take your pocket tutor to train wherever you are and whenever you want. From now on, if ACT Science comes up in conversation, you’ll be able to say “Oh, I’ve so got this. Bring. It. ON!”

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